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March 13

Hi I'm newis here and have been doing the Naked Besuty program since 1/16. I do the program 3xs week, and the cellulite cardio, arms, and abs 3x week. I'm wondering when I should switch up the routine to the LIIT routine? My goal is cellulite reduction, weight loss, and tone. Does the LIIT routine and UHBLTM also target cellulite reduction or should I stick with NB? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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April 17

Hey Joey! I just started your program. I’m so excited. I did the lower body on Monday. I skipped yesterday so I was wondering if it would work to do the arms video and the lower body today or do they need to be on separate days?

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April 08

Hi Joey I recently joined the total access program. One of the main reasons why I wanted to do your workouts is to get rid of cellulite. I also would like to loose a little weight and get toned. I just saw the naked beauty simulast program. Should I be doing that instead of the total access or is that included in it. Like I said one of the main goals is to get rid of cellulite. I stated doing the intermediate sample calender. Just looking for a little direction on what I should be doing to reach my goals. Thank you

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April 03
• Edited (Apr 03, 2024)

Hi Joey, I recently had a DEXa scan for a baseline (59 years old) that showed I'm right into the osteoporosis range :( My integrative health care PA of course wants me to focus on increased protein, increasing to heavy weights for my workouts and taking a supplement.
Do you have workout advice for women with this health diagnosis? Joey Atlas
Thank you,

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March 18

Hi Joey......I've been doing the links you sent on legs and well others from your 6 day program.  You said to do legs 2-3 x a week.    How long should I work on the legs on a leg day.....around 45 mins to an hour?  With arm and core exercises.....which I'll do 2-3 x week.....would you say about 15-20 mins on each?  Also doing cardio around 30 mins.....doing my best to do 6 days.  Would a long brisk walk for about an hour be considered a cardio?  I know it is a cardio workout but wasn't sure if it was a fat burn type cardio.  Thanks Linda

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February 25

Hi Joey.....I was following the programs for a long time then when I wasn't seeing any shifts I stopped.  I have been doing the exercises....but just not following them exact (ie: 6 day, 8 day).  I suppose because I wasn't seeing any results I started to try other exercises.  I am just really confused.  I am an average size....would like to lose 7 pounds.  I exercise.  I eat great.  Drink water.  Look after myself.  But I have this excess fat on my legs.  I have never been overweight (aside from 10 pounds).....but my butt and legs (mainly inner thighs) sag...and at my knees.  It's like I have all this excess fat and I have no clue why.  So I suppose what I would like to there anything else I can do that is more 'leg specific'.  Something that will help me actually see results.  I am good with what I need to do with core and arms.  It is the legs mainly and butt.  I almost feel like I need to be doing something leg related daily.  As well as cardio (which I actually do do cardio almost daily).  I know nothing will be quick.  But honestly to actually see something would be really helpful.  It's like there is muscle under the fat layer....I can feel it.....I have super strong legs.  But not sure how to get rid of the fat layer.  I am almost considering joining a gym and using the weight machines to really build (slow burn).....and using slow burn cardio machines.  Perhaps that might be a better suggestion for me????  Anyhow I know this is a big question but if you are able to guide me in any way it would be appreciated.  Thanks Linda

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March 08

Hi Joey.....I'm creating a new post as there are so many responses to my other posts......which I totally appreciate....that I think one got lost as I can't find it.  Basically what I was wanting to if I am to do 6-7 days of cardio a week right now.......would a brisk hour long walk be considered a cardio day.  I know walks are great for overall health......but in so far as the fat burning aspect in which other types of cardio offer......wondering what you think about the hour long brisk walk.  Thanks

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February 09

Hi Joey,
I've started doing NB and other videos through Total access. I love that I don't have to beat myself up working out anymore. I have the stats from my smart scale. I'm going to include them, although it's embarrassing, I'm 58 and it says I'm metabolically 65!
I'm doing 30 minutes of cardio 5x a week (Peleton) and doing your videos. Trying to clean up my diet too. How long should I give myself to get in shape and lose 25 lbs?

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January 12

Hey Joey! I have a few questions about training here…
I have heard building muscles means you burn more calories even when resting and so you are able to eat more calories. Is this true?

I have also heard that strength training is very good in old age to strengthen bones and keep overall health and well being good.

So I am now thinking ahead and wondering whether I should be lifting weights also in some ways to achieve both those goals?

Or can you still achieve these things even just with body weight resistance. I perhaps don't realise how effective that is just by itself!

Thanks so much my friend! Jemima :)

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January 24

Hi Joey,
I have created a rough workout plan here. Main aim is to get the best result for my lower body before my wedding at the beginning of June. This is my rough plan till then. I’ve actually change the arm day to another lower body session to really focus on that area. So it’s all lower body and one abs so I can get good results within the next 4 months. I’m on a time crunch!! Do you think this is the best schedule? Let me know if you would do any tweaks. I enjoy all the extra videos you’ve done on lower body as it keeps things interesting.