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July 02

Hello joey … Can you send me the schedule for the Ultimate Leg Butt Hip Thigh Makeover? To get rid of cellulite 

I  have Total-Access


Was so excited to start the program and I have Struggled with patella tendinitis in the past, but have it calmed down for years. For the last couple of weeks, I have done the work out for cellulite two times a week and Area around my kneecaps will not stop burning. I tried to make accommodations as suggested in the video, but nothing has helped. I’m using ice and anti-inflammatories constantly but now having pain even when I walk, please advise.

June 25

First of all, I love the videos and being able to work out at home.  I have some bands, but I don't have them so they can hang on the door.  I am only able to attach them to a waist high range.  I worked out with the "how to tone, strengthen a flabby body video" and I wanted to know how to do all of the exercises with free weights rather than bands, although as mentioned  I could do some of the exercises with my bands.   Can you direct me to a training for chest that just uses only weights?  Or is it still effective to just do sets that you demonstrated with weights?

without the bands?  And what would I need to be able to purchase bands and attachments for the door?  Thank you!!


Yes I am interested in a sample schedule. I see the 9 day program and wonder if we r meant to do all exercise videos on each day? Some are over 1 hour total. Thanks

May 15

I only need exercises for cellulite to add to my regular workout; do you have workouts just for cellulite?

May 12
• Edited (May 13, 2024)

Hey Joey,  I have decided to revisit your Symulast program after taking a break from the program for 8 years. in the last 8 years I have turned to weightlifting and cycle instructing, I am stronger and moving my body more than ever before. The reason I find myself returning to your program is that my body is noticeably bigger and bulkier with the extra hours of cycling and weightlifting put in. I am sick and tired of putting in so much extra work for little to no results. So, the issue I'm having with the program is that it just seems so simple - There is no way I can get better results with these slow moments 30 mins a day vs an hour of cycling plus and hour of weightlifting per day where I'm drenched in sweat. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance and guidance regarding my fitness level and desired results. I am not exaggerating when I say that I got in the best shape of my life with your workouts, but I was just 22 and overweight, I had little muscle tone and no experience. Please any guidance you can give me would be so greatly appreciated!!! :)

April 28

Hi Joey.....I'm doing your leg exercises 3 x week (50-60 mins).    On top of that I'll do 2-3 days of legs for about 15 minutes doing things like ballet plias (I watch a video).  I also do 30-35 mins cardio about 5-6 times a week.  I am not seeing any visible results.  I'm not quite sure why.  I eat great, exercise, water, my hormones are pretty balanced.  I walk a few times a week.  I know I have muscle underneath.....but it's like there is a layer of saggyness over top of everything.  I'm an average size.  5 ft 6 in....weigh about 125 pounds.  I feel I am doing everything right.  Same goes with the stomach and arms.  I look like someone who never works out.  I'm really not sure what to do.  I've been at this forever so its not like I just started.  Do you have any suggestions?

May 14

Hi Joey, I’ve got the app now. Thank you for your support. Jackie

April 23

Hi Joey & staff, Would you be able to call me as I'm interested in a personal exercise that would have to be altered some as I have rectocele stage 1.  Thanks so much. Lynn

April 18

Hi Joey. The company I work for, Proximity Learning, is looking for someone to speak with their employees about nutrition and fitness. If you’re interested, is there a contact email or number that I can give the Wellness Committee chairman? Thank you