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December 08

Calcium Supplement
Joey Atlas Gennusa, you may recall that I posted several months ago that I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, so I had to run out and get calcium and d3. I'm almost done with my calcium from Costco, can you recommend a better quality one, along with d3? I need 5000 iu of d3 and I think it's 500, 600 calcium. Thank you in advance.

December 08

ROV -Reverse Order Variance session
Hi Joey Atlas Gennusa, I just watched one of your live sessions, that I had saved, from 2020, it was a shoulder session using the reverse order variance method. You had said in there, that you were going to be filming some ROV sessions for Total Access that week, or the following week, I don't think that ever happened, just wondering if you still have that in the back of your mind to do 😊 It would be awesome if you could put some new sessions in Total Access 😊, although I know you're extremely busy, with the new podcast, and your living strength nutritional line.
I really miss seeing you on your live sessions.

I hope the family is well, and enjoy this beautiful holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones 💖🎄🙏

October 10

I paid for a monthly subscription a week ago and also requested a one on one session with Joey, but the emails I sent are not getting through,  because the addresses are no longer current. 

I also did not receive a welcome email. Could someone get in touch with me. I'm currently living in Melbourne, Australia - 15 hours ahead of EST at this time of year. 

Hi there!  I just joined the Total Access program.  I was hesitant to make the leap.  Is the whole Naked Beauty program included in this Sculptafit?  Or do I need to purchase that separate from Total Access?  I have extreme cellulite, extreme. I don't wear shorts in the summer.  Only capri pants and long sundresses.  I'm soft and flabby all over. I'm really embarrassed and shamed that I did not take better care of my ( temple) body.  I don't even like to be seen in intimate times with my boyfriend.   I'm 57 and not in very good shape.  I was doing some mild yoga, Hittleman version.  An oldie but goodie. Lol   I have a lot of bands and five anchor points to hook up to on my door.  Do you recommend a routine using bands?   Can I use those in place of weights?  Do you recommend fascia blasting by Ashley Black?  I have some of the tools she sells.                 I need some guidance on where to START with your program.  Do I just pick a routine?   HELP!!!!!   Thank you for any advice you can give me.  I really do need some guidance. 

November 11
• Edited (Nov 14, 2023)

 Hello Joey,
Do you have an updated package of exercise videos that cover total body workouts and stretches that is available for purchase? If so, where can I find it?

November 16

I’m tired of the gimmicks. I’m also tired of the cellulite. Could this actually work? Anyone try it with Joey’s workouts?!

June 18

Where can I find a written general summary of the nutrition principles to build my own plan?

October 23

I have the Sculptfit program and I did start at #6 then moved thru to #7 and #8.  I was not seeing any difference and became frustrated.  Then saw all these exercise videos where they say you can achieve great results in the 30 minutes a day.  So I started those but still no shifts.  Basically right now I do your exercises occasionally alongside other exercises but I am just not seeing anything and just now not sure what to do.  So I am wanting to just re-start all of this and be more diligent about it.

So basically here's my thing.  Despite being an average size my legs are saggy (mainly inner)....its like I am thin to average but excess fat??  I have celulitte.  My butt sadly seems deflated.  And what they call bat wings.  I eat really well.....low sugars, low carbs, lots of fruit, veg and protein....Sat night cheats....but dietary I think is pretty good.  Lots of water.  I do exercise despite looking like I don't.  Great supplements as recommended by a naturopath...collagen etc.  I take bioidentical hormones and hormones are all good levels.

But I look like someone who has never worked out and I'm just not understanding it. the bottom line this.....I need to really bulk up my muscles to fill in the sag?  Bascially if I increase the muscles thru being super diligent with your exercises....then this will fill in the saggy areas.  Is this it in a nutshell???  And on top of this do I also do the Naked Beauty.  And do I find myself a really good exercise machine like an elipitical or something and do slow burn cardio.

Any guidance would help.  I know I have put messages in before but I guess cuz I wasn't seeing results after a few months I gave up and moved on.  But now I am thinking I want to try it again.

Thanks Linda

October 15

To answer your questions regarding this inquiry, I started NB Jan 1/23 and then ULBHTM around Mar/April (don't remember exactly). Any cardio I get is within those 2 programs. I have an elliptical machine that I'm not using.  I don't know my body comp and I'm 5"5", 133lb and 64yrs.

October 22

Joey, I have seen you do some fitness videos in a playground before I even signed up for membership. Where are they hiding? They are not on your app. Did I not sign up for All-Access? Is that something different than what I have access to now?