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Joey AtlasYes I started training and everything is fine. Where are the lower body training sessions? I couldn't find them.

Joey Atlas

Hi Joey,

Can ULBHTM  give me slim legs and thighs, which is what I want?

Yes I will start today and how long until I move to level two?

Will it help get rid of cellulite?

I want your suggestion between Naked Beauty or Ultimate Leg Butt Hip Thigh Makeover 

Which is better and faster? I have both.


Thank you….

Do you have a pdf schedule for the Ultimate Leg Butt Hip Thigh Makeover? To get

5 feet

3 inches

141 pound


Hi joey

1-My physical fitness is average and I have no health problems.

2- age 46 ,height 159  , weight 64

3-I didn't suffer any injuries.

4- By cellulite I mean dimples, shadows and bumpy skin.

I want slim , tight legs, thighs and tight buttocks



Jul 02 at 10:49 AM

Hello joey … Can you send me the schedule for the Ultimate Leg Butt Hip Thigh Makeover? To get rid of cellulite 

I  have Total-Access


Replied on Cellulite

Oct 06 at 03:43 AM

Joey AtlasHow long do I need to follow this schedule and move to ULBHTM Level 2? And tha NB 2 times aweek each exercise 10 times and  How many sets?…There are 2 videos four Level 1 , I do both on the same day

Replied on Cellulite

Oct 05 at 04:30 PM

Hello Joey, thanks for the response... My age: 46... Weight: 61... Height: 159. I do not suffer from medical problems, and as for my physical fitness, it is average, and my problem is cellulite.



Oct 04 at 08:23 AM

I just have total-access … can you please send for me schedule for how can I follow the naked beauty and ULBHTM to get rid of cellulite… and what is the best between naked beauty or ULBHTM to get rid of cellulite