Linda Beadle

May 12 at 10:03 PM

Hi Joey.....ok so I will then just do 3 days of leg exercises at 50-60 mins as you said previously.  But will now add weights where I can.  And as you said before to do cardio 5-6 times a week at 30-35 mins.  And I'll do 3 days of arm/core on the days not doing the legs.  On the no leg days I will still walk if nice out.


May 10 at 08:41 PM

thanks Joey.  With cutting out the 10 min ballet thing on the days I'm not doing the full 50 this because my body needs to rest?  With the weights.....I'm adding where I is hard to do on many of the standing exercises....but where I can do it I will.  I will also increase the weight on my ankle weights.  The thing is though.....even if I am really feeling a burn (ie: doing a leg lift with a 2 pound weight but super slow and I feel a real burn.....or without a weight I am doing a slow squat and really feel the burn)......shouldn't that be enough?

Apr 30 at 08:48 PM

Hi had sent me 4 links for I have been doing a combo of those plus exercises seen on 6-day and 7-day.  No weights for the standing exercises but I do make sure doing a slow burn so feel it in the legs.  Yes to ankle weights for the floor exercises and slow movements.  So doing the leg exercises 3 x week around an hour.  Days not doing the hour I might do a 10 min ballet plias exercise that burns.  And cardio where I really sweat 5-6 x week for 30-35 mins.  And then the arm/core 3 x week around 20 min each.  So I'm doing the work.  I actually feel like I have no time as leg days with the cardio is over 1 1/2 hr.  Then the days cardio and arm/core about the same.  I'm struggling to find time to do all this but Im doing it.  So not to see results really has me confused.  I'd be ok if I saw some shifts as I would feel I'm heading in the right direction.  So just not sure what to do to be honest


Apr 28 at 09:40 PM

Hi Joey.....I'm doing your leg exercises 3 x week (50-60 mins).    On top of that I'll do 2-3 days of legs for about 15 minutes doing things like ballet plias (I watch a video).  I also do 30-35 mins cardio about 5-6 times a week.  I am not seeing any visible results.  I'm not quite sure why.  I eat great, exercise, water, my hormones are pretty balanced.  I walk a few times a week.  I know I have muscle underneath.....but it's like there is a layer of saggyness over top of everything.  I'm an average size.  5 ft 6 in....weigh about 125 pounds.  I feel I am doing everything right.  Same goes with the stomach and arms.  I look like someone who never works out.  I'm really not sure what to do.  I've been at this forever so its not like I just started.  Do you have any suggestions?


Mar 20 at 10:56 AM

Great thanks Joey.  Yes I do aim for 30 mins of cardio most days......but knowing a brisk walk can also be an option is great.  Some days I walk and cardio.  But if haven't done a cardio that day I'll step up my pace from stroll to brisk walk.  



Mar 18 at 04:35 PM

Hi Joey......I've been doing the links you sent on legs and well others from your 6 day program.  You said to do legs 2-3 x a week.    How long should I work on the legs on a leg day.....around 45 mins to an hour?  With arm and core exercises.....which I'll do 2-3 x week.....would you say about 15-20 mins on each?  Also doing cardio around 30 mins.....doing my best to do 6 days.  Would a long brisk walk for about an hour be considered a cardio?  I know it is a cardio workout but wasn't sure if it was a fat burn type cardio.  Thanks Linda



Mar 08 at 11:25 AM

Hi Joey.....I'm creating a new post as there are so many responses to my other posts......which I totally appreciate....that I think one got lost as I can't find it.  Basically what I was wanting to if I am to do 6-7 days of cardio a week right now.......would a brisk hour long walk be considered a cardio day.  I know walks are great for overall health......but in so far as the fat burning aspect in which other types of cardio offer......wondering what you think about the hour long brisk walk.  Thanks

Mar 08 at 11:21 AM

Ok thanks for that.  Those were my thoughts that if you can't fit in a cardio then the 4 min tabata is a good way to get something in.  But how it is all presented by these individuals makes it very confusing

Mar 07 at 06:09 PM

Hi Joey.....with the cardio exercises.  You say 6-7 days a week.  And you said that I could add in trampoline and rower and step on some days.  What about walks?  I know they are cardio....but in so far as 'fat burning' would an hour long brisk walk be considered a cardio day.  I am going to try and do more walks now that the weather is better......but I am also trying to factor in all the time.  Especially if a leg day is almost an hour and then tab on a 30 min cardio and try and get in a walk.  I'll do it if that is what it takes....but hey if a brisk walk can replace an actual HIIT cardio or something....that'd be great.

Mar 07 at 02:46 PM

great thanks for the links.  I will stick to leg/butt only days 3 times a week.  Arms and core twice.  Cardio 6 times.   Will try and get out for walks now that the weather is nicer.  I feel diet wise I eat well......and again I am mindful of the calories.  I could go with skipping snacks in the day.....but again my body does let me know when it wants food (can feel light headed)....and these snacks are usually fruit, veg and nuts.  Not really sure what else to do.  Just put out the positive that this will work.  Perhaps upping the cardio is key.  With cardio......there are so many fitness people saying that you don't need to push it and they talk about tabata (at a high intensity) for 4 minutes could do the same as 30 mins on a treadmill.  What are your thoughts on this.  My thoughts are that perhaps this 4 mins is to basically say to those who are not trying to tone up their bodies.....that this is a great way to at least get cardio in to your day (for health purposes).