SSTB-8 Intermediate Sample Schedule: Sculpted & Strong Total Body 8-Day Training Sequence

SSTB-8 Sample Schedule is an example of an 8-day training sequence that can be adjusted to fit your schedule and personal abilities.

The focus is on Lower-Body with a combination of Total-Body Training sessions and Abs/Core/Cardio days.

SUMMARY OVERVIEW for Sculpted & Strong Total Body 8-Day Training Sequence


Day 1 - Lower-Body

Day 2 - Abs-Core/Cardio

Day 3 - Total-Body

Day 4 - Lower-Body

Day 5 - Abs-Core/Cardio

Day 6 - Total-Body

Day 7 - Lower-Body

Day 8 - Total-Body


Sculpted & Strong Total Body 8-Day Training Sequence

Day 1 - Lower-Body (To the MAX and The Sequel)

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

Day 2 - Abs-Core/Cardio

This session for 2X (only 1X if you're pressed for time):

And this Indoor Bodyweight Cardio session:

Day 3 - Total-Body

The Notorious 9 - if 1X is too easy, go through this 2X

Day 4 - Lower-Body

Choose one of these "LIIT Lower-Body" REPLAY On Demand Training Sessions today. You will see several choices when you get to that page. 

And you can also consider this one as a VERY effective option as well :-)
Sculpted and Strong Lower-Body LIIT Session - Angle View

Day 5 - Abs-Core/Cardio

Do this for Abs/Core 'Primer'

Then do this 1X right after: Flat-Sexy Stomach

Then do this 1X for Cardio: The Fiery Five  (or pick any cardio of your choice )

Day 6 - Total-Body

Choose one of these or combine them for a more challenging session:

Total-Body Toning Session Level 1

Total-Body Toning Session Level 2

Day 7 - Lower-Body

You can use either of the 2 videos at the top of the Naked Beauty/SYMULAST playlist (they are almost exactly the same) - which ever you do - you'll go through it 2X (you can even do the first one and then the second one as your 2X)

Day 8 - Total-Body LIIT Circuit

Choose one of these today:

LIIT Circuit Configuration 50 - "Five-oh SCULPTAFIT to Go" April 2020 w Corinne & Nikki

Covid Comeback Configuration # 51 Hybrid Fitness Training Circuit

Tightly-Toned You #52 LIIT Hybrid Configuration Circuit