Kim W's Fitness Training Plan

New Note -Phase 2 can now be found on this page. Phase 3 will also eventually be added here :-)


Kim's Phase 1 Fitness Training Plan Video Sequence - 5-Day Rotation

Here’s the summary view (and below is full view with specific training session video links):



Day 1 - Lower-Body

Day 2 - Upper-Body

Day 3 - Abs/Core

Day 4 - Total-Body

Day 5 - Cardio & Stretch

After Day 5 - you start over again at Day 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have to 'skip' a day, or miss a day - THAT'S OK.. Just pick up right where you left off the next day. Life happens, and this is how we adjust to the changes of life. SIMPLE.

Phase 1: Complete Schedule and Video Session Links:

Day 1 - Lower-Body: ULBHTM Floor/Mat Session

Day 2 - Upper-Body (chest and back muscles are the upper-body focus in PHASE 1, the other smaller upper body muscles groups will get some work, especially on Day #4 - Total Body)

==> IMPORTANT NOTE: if the above chest/back session is too challenging, THAT'S OK, just leave it alone for now and do this one instead (Eventually you WILL be able to do the one above):

Day 3 - Abs/Core and Neck

For Neck:

Day 4 - Total-Body

Total-Body Toning: Level 1

Day 5 - Cardio & Stretch - Combining 2 segments

1 - Primer Warm-Up

2 - Bodyweight Cardio Basic/Intermediate


These can be done any time you choose:

7-Minute Stretch Session on the Swiss Ball:

Super-Flex Total-Body Stretch Session:

⇒ After Day 5 - you start over again at Day 1


Phase 2: Complete Schedule and Video Session Links:

Day 1 

Lower Body:

or (or use on Day 6)

Day 2 

Cross Training:

Day 3 

Upper Body:

Day 4 

Total Body/Cardio

Day 5

Total Body


Phase 3 - Complete Schedule and Video Session Links:

Day 1 - Lower-Body: Level 1 ULBHTM Floor/Mat Session and Standing Session

Floor -

Standing -

Day 2 - Upper-Body: Chest and Back session

Basic Chest and Back Session

This is a perfect stretch session to do on Day 2 (although it can be done any day - but getting this in 2-3 times per week is ideal):

Day 3 - Abs/Core and Neck plus Bodyweight Cardio

Abs and Core:

Adding this for Neck: (can be done any time of day on its own)

Indoor Bodyweight Cardio session:

Day 4 - Lower-Body (To the MAX and The Sequel)

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

Day 5 - Shoulders for LIFE

This is a training session designed to strengthen and protect the rotator cuff (the should joint) and also shape, sculpt and strengthen to large 'outside' muscles of the shoulders (the deltoids)

Beginner/Intermediate Indoor Bodyweight Cardio session: this should be a good step up for you - NOTE: be sure to use light weights to take your shoulder into consideration for time-being:

Day 6 - Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

"Client's Pick" - Add Any Cardio of Your Choice here :)


⇒ After Day 6 - you start over again at Day 1