Sarah's Fitness Training Plan

Sarah's Fitness Training Plan

(Future Phases will be added to this same page)

Here’s the summary view (and below is full view with specific training session video links):



Day 1 - Lower-Body (ULBHTM Level 1, Mat/Floor Session)

Day 2 - Chest/Back and Abs/Core 

Day 3 - Lower-Body (Beautiful Buns, Toned Thighs, Legs for LIFE)

Day 4 - Bodyweight Cardio and Total-Body Toning

Day 5 - Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

Day 6 - Naked Beauty

Day 7 - Bodyweight Cardio and Stretching

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have to 'skip' a day, or miss a day - THAT'S OK.. Just pick up right where you left off the next day. Life happens, and this is how we adjust to the changes of life. SIMPLE.

Phase 1: Complete Schedule and Video Session Links:

Day 1 - Lower-Body: ULBHTM Level 1 Mat/Floor Session

Go through this 2X if once is easy and you have time for 2X through:

Mat/Floor -

Day 2 - Upper-Body: Chest and Back session - Plus Abs/Core

Chest/Back - 1
X through

Abs/Core - Basic session - 1X through

Flat-Sexy Stomach - 1X through

Day 3 - Lower-Body: Beautiful Buns, Toned Thighs, Legs for LIFE

Day 4 - Body-weight Cardio and TBT (Total-Body Toning - Level 1)

Body-weight Cardio: 1X through

TBT (Total-Body Toning - Level 1) 1X through

Day 5 - Tightly-Toned/Attractive Arms (Biceps and Triceps) 2X through - and Bodyweight Cardio

Bodyweight Cardio: 1X through

Day 6 - Naked Beauty: Original Session - 2X through (and Anti-Cellulite cardio)    

Anti-Cellulite Cardio (stair step session)

Day 7 - Bodyweight Cardio and Stretching

Bodyweight Cardio Cross-training:

*ADDING on FEB. 21st 2021 as a progression for bodyweight cardio:

Total-Body Stretching: