"New Me - New Bod" 2020 Fitness Success Coaching Program

WELCOME to "New Me - New Bod" 2020 Fitness Success Coaching Program!

Take a deep breath and relax, because you've just taken one of THE MOST positive steps in your life.

Take a couple of minutes and read the following intro steps. Once you are done be sure to come back to "Step 2" and come say hello to me :-)

NOTE - you do not have to start your program right this minute. Any time today tomorrow or the next day is TOTALLY FINE. And if you're unsure when to start - then use the forum link below to come ask me your specific question, so I can guide you...

Step 1: Bookmark/save this page/link you are on right NOW. This will be your "Atlas Coaching Central" link where you'll be able to go to the other parts of the program, that you see below:

Step 2: Go here and click 'Join' - this is the "New Me-New Bod 2020" private group on Facebook. This is a private group and is "invite only" for people in this current coaching plan - It is where we do a lot of daily/weekly coaching communication, accountability checkins, etc and - IF YOU HAVE ANY questions for me at any point, then just post it here for me and tag me so I see it :-)

Step 3: This is where you will access your daily/weekly fitness training videos:

NOTE: You are automatically logged into each private page, so you do not have to enter any login info

PHASE 1 Video Training Series is here => https://www.sculptafitclub.com/pages/new-me-new-bod-2020-coaching-plan-phase-1-fitness-training-videos 

Phase one should last us about 6-8 weeks and then we will look to move on to Phase 2 Training...

PHASE 2 link will be here

PHASE 3 link will be here

Step 4: This is where you will access your "Fusion-Flex Lifestyle Nutrition" Guides and Other Food, Nutrition and Recipe related materials: PASSWORD IS: atmyside

(DON'T feel overwhelmed by these- we will be talking about "nutrition mindset" in the coaching group and on the calls/videos)

Step 5: Below is your Progress Tracking Protocol Document AND your Personal Goals Statement/Agreement (we will talk more about these in the private coaching forum and on the coaching calls)

A - Use a simple approach to keep track of your weight and body-composition numbers...

These are the templates you want to follow. You can print the PDF version or you can use the 'docx' version in whichever online document program you use:

- Here is the PDF version of your FIT-Q Progress & Goals Tracking Document

- And here is the 2020 Personal Health & Wellness Goal Statement and Action Agreement

B - Record your weight, and more importantly your Body-Fat %, the first thing in the morning tomorrow - and then every month (every 4 weeks - record THE DATE each time too)

C - Order this body-composition meter on Amazon (or one that is similar to it) and measure your body-comp monthly (first thing in morning), starting on the day it arrives. 

IMPORTANT to keep in mind:

We are using body-composition (body-fat%) as a guide. Don't rely heavily on "exact" numbers. 

We just want to use it to help gauge our long term progress and changes RELATIVE to the previous numbers themselves, while also considering other important factors which we'll discuss on the Q & A calls and 'Live' video sessions inside the private group.