New Me-New Bod 2020 Coaching Plan PHASE 1 Fitness Training Videos

The PHASE 1 Fitness Training Video Series is a 5-Day Rotation

Here’s the summary view (and below is full view with specific training session video links):



Day 1 - Lower-Body

Day 2 - Upper-Body

Day 3 - Abs/Core

Day 4 - Total-Body

Day 5 - Cardio & Stretch

After Day 5 - you start over again at Day 1

If you have to 'skip' a day, or miss a day - THAT'S OK.. Just pick up right where you left off the next day. Life happens, and this is how we adjust to the changes of life. SIMPLE.

Complete Schedule and Video Session Links:

Day 1 - Lower-Body: ULBHTM Floor/Mat Session

NOTE - if this is, or gets, too easy before you move to 'PHASE 2' come post here in the private group and let us know, so we can "step you up" a bit :-)

Day 2 - Upper-Body (chest and back muscles are the upper-body focus in PHASE 1, the other smaller upper body muscles groups will get some work, especially on Day #4 - Total Body)

If going through this once is too easy, then go through it twice:

Day 3 - Abs/Core

Day 4 - Total-Body

Total-Body Toning: Level 1

Day 5 - Cardio & Stretch - Combining 2 segments

1 - Primer Warm-Up

2 - Bodyweight Cardio Basic/Intermediate


Can be any time you choose:

Total-Body Session:

If you're at a level where you can 'balance' on an exercise ball, then feel free to add this one today - or any day or time you need a good back stretch and energy 'boost'.:

⇒ After Day 5 - you start over again at Day 1