Monica's PHASE 2 Training Plan

Monica's PHASE 2 Fitness Training Video Series

Here’s the summary view (and below is full view with specific training session video links):



Day 1 - Lower-Body (ULBHTM Level 1, Mat & Standing)

Day 2 - Chest and Back

Day 3 - Abs/Core 

Day 4 - Lower-Body (To the Max & The Sequel)

Day 5 - Shoulders

Day 6 - Arms

After Day 6 - you start over again at Day 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have to 'skip' a day, or miss a day - THAT'S OK.. Just pick up right where you left off the next day. Life happens, and this is how we adjust to the changes of life. SIMPLE.

Complete Schedule and Video Session Links:

Day 1 - Lower-Body: Level 1 ULBHTM Floor/Mat Session and Standing Session

Floor -

Standing -

Day 2 - Upper-Body: Chest and Back session

NOTE: if the above chest/back session is too challenging, THAT'S OK, just leave it alone for now and do this one (below) instead (Eventually you WILL be able to do the one above):

This is a perfect stretch session to do on Day 2 (although it can be done any day - but getting this in 2-3 times per week is ideal):

Day 3 - Abs/Core (do basic and intermediate together)

Indoor Bodyweight Cardio session:

Day 4 - Lower-Body (To the MAX and The Sequel)

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

Day 5 - Shoulders

This stretching session if focused on the shoulder/rotator cuff -and is perfect for doing after your shoulder training session (or later in the day/evening):

Indoor Bodyweight Cardio session:

Day 6 - Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

Beginner Indoor Bodyweight Cardio session: (curious how this one feels for you)

⇒ After Day 6 - you start over again at Day 1