The Profitable Benefits of Corporate Fitness & Workplace Wellness

Healthy employees are better performing, more productive people who bring a higher ROI to their organization and directly influence the bottom line of the business.

That is the #1 reason why more and more businesses are investing in Corporate Fitness and Workplace Wellness Programs. 

Put simply it is money well spent that improves culture, loyalty and most importantly, personal performance - and all those together make the company a better performing business.


With several decades of data to prove the merits - there are several key reasons why offering health & wellness options to employees is a smart initiative.

  1. Less absenteeism
  2. Less depression
  3. Less worker's comp claims
  4. Reduced copays and medical premiums

It all adds up to make a positive ROI on the staff and the bottom line, because research studies show that for every $1 invested in a Corporate Wellness Program SAVES the company over $3 in the items listed above. 

THAT is a SMART investment. And it doesn't even factor in the positive effects on increased revenue and profits from higher performing, more efficient employees.

Out of shape, unhealthy, overweight and unhappy people perform below their healthier and stronger counterparts.

An efficient and flexible Corporate Wellness program fills the void of a non-existent offering for the health and wellness of your company's most valuable and critical asset - your employees.

But just like any savvy business decision - the decision of "what" to offer your employees is even more critical than the decision to offer them something. This can make or break the outcome.

To be more precise - the mainstream market is pushing an endless supply of high-intensity, hardcore approaches to "working out" and forcing the body to change. The truth is most "regular" people are NOT into the "fitness fanatic" & gym addict lifestyle approach to health & fitness.

Most humans don't like pain and do not like punishment. So why follow workout plans and diets that are grueling and unrealistic? 

That's not a strategy that leads to positive long-term improvements.

Positive short AND long-term improvements are supported and fueled by enjoyable, safe and physiologically designed programs.

Low-Impact Exercise and quality nutrition & meal guidance are what modern doctors are suggesting for most of their patients. They are on the front lines of seeing the damage and destruction caused by heavy-intensity, high-impact workouts and the ill effects on health that extreme fad diets have on the brain and body.

We've developed a progressive approach to balanced wellness & fitness that dramatically reduces risk of injury, promotes simplified high-quality food habits and enhanced "healthy" mindset all aimed at optimum wellness, energy and "performance in life".

The most powerful points of leverage are what we focus on the most. Those are:

1 - Shifting mindset to make healthy habits natural and easy
2 - Stress-reduction through appropriate physical activity and movement
3 - Increased productivity through enhanced energy and cognitive wellness
4 - Improving body-composition, immune system strength, mental acuity
5 - Injury, illness, absenteeism reduction through wellness re-conditioning

There's more of course - but those are the essentials.

And you'll feel positive about your new initiative, knowing it's all accessible & doable no matter where an employee is, or is traveling to - also making it IDEAL for companies with a remote, traveling or "work from home" employee base. 

Basic technology, combined with simple delivery methods allow us to serve individuals anywhere, anytime. This removes hard obstacles that often prevent busy people from making good health a consistent priority in their lives.

The ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT Corporate Fitness Program is a powerful, unique, low-cost solution designed to cater to the needs of regular, busy people WHO NEED safe, gentle, efficient and effective methods of exercise, nutrition and behavior change.

The majority of people in a typical company do not want to go "beast mode", they are not interested in competing in the HIIT-Games and they are not interested in becoming a fitness cover-model - most just want to be healthy, strong and happy in their own skin - in the safest most enjoyable way possible.

And that is the essence of the ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT Methodology - and what sets us apart from the conventional & traditional corporate fitness and wellness marketplace.

We've developed unique approaches that work - and they are sustainable for life, not just for a season.

In addition to the private online platform, we also offer onsite seminars & consulting, workshops and intensives for companies who wish to add more to their Corporate Fitness Plans - which can be explored in later stages of your initiative.

For now... 

Here are the details of the ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT Club Corporate Fitness & Workplace Wellness Video-On-Demand and Companion Custom ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT App:

1 - SCULPTAFIT-Club Video-On-Demand Fitness Instruction Portal for each employee and 5 more family members in the same household.

This includes:

  • all ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT video fitness training sessions
  • every new "Quickly-FIT" cooking & recipe video
  • every new Travel & Hotel fitness training video
  • every new Outdoor fitness training video
  • every new Mindset Mindshift Audio Segment & Video
  • PLUS anything new that we create for the Video-On-Demand site, such as "Gentle-FLEX Yoga" videos, Lifestyle Strategy Walkthrough Coaching Videos, and more...

2 - The Companion Custom ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT App for each employee and 5 more family members in the same household.

The Custom ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT "Anywhere Anytime" App for both iOS and Android is being designed and built (it will be ready in about 3-4 weeks) - each employee will get it INCLUDED at no additional cost, as our way of further supporting your efforts of creating a healthy, thriving and SUPER-Productive workforce powering your business into the future.

 Additionally - your entire staff will get valuable access to the current library of all our best materials that have, and continue to bring, our clients the best results of health, wellness and longevity.

Those include: 

1 - ($348 value) Full access to all materials in "Fusion-Flex" Eating and Drinking - The Simplest Nutrition Mindset & Method for Optimum Health, Energy and Body-Composition
2 - ($488 value) Full access to all materials and videos used in the "ATLAS at My Side" coaching programs 
3 - (PRICELE$$) Access to the SCULPTAFIT-Club Support & Camaraderie Private Group Forum

This is currently being developed by our programmers and will be ready in about 6-8 weeks. This will add a powerful element to the program which will foster guidance, communication and support to bring each member the inspirations and motivations to "stay the course" and reap the benefits. 

Daily communications, inspirations, motivations, reminders and Q&A will keep you focused and in the groove, staying connected to other like-minded people who are on the path to life-long health and optimum fitness.
4 - ($188 value) You'll get access to The ATLAS Simplified Progress Tracking Protocol and Body-Comp Video

This is where we show your staff how to measure and track WHAT MATTERS.

This is the I give to private, Long-Distance coaching clients showing EXACTLY how to use the hand-held body-composition device we recommend to all clients. (I have one at home and we have one in the Studio as well. We also use this one for onsite workshops and seminars.)
5 - ($198 per month value) Also included is every new ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT video fitness training session, every new "Quickly-FIT" cooking video, every new Travel/Hotel fitness video, every new Outdoor fitness video, every new Mindset Mindshift Audio/Video - PLUS any thing new that we create for the Video-On-Demand site and the companion App - All at no extra charge.

6 - ($68 per month value) OH! and speaking of the ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT App for iOS and Android devices...

This is also INCLUDED also at no extra charge... so each employee AND THEIR FAMILY can have complete access to the private platform and all our fitness & nutrition materials no matter where they are or where they go.

7 - And if that's not enough - up to 5 family members will be able to access all the programs, just like your employee - via the single family account.
So, in essence - the entire family of your employee gets to enjoy the benefits as well - all at NO EXTRA CHARGE. 
Here are some preview shots of what you (AND your family) get (this is JUST THE TIP of the iceberg - you get a LOT more than just this...

PS - in 2019, in addition to all the new monthly video sessions we have scheduled for adding, each person also gets the following (at NO extra cost):

  1. ($198 value) Video Seminar Session: "How to use your annual Health Exam & Check-up to inspire and guide your personal fitness lifestyle & wellness goals."
  2. ($218 value) The "Gentle-Flex" Stretching & Flexibility Program for decreasing back pain, neck pain, hip pain and increasing energy, range of motion, balance, spinal strength and applied power to all activities. (this is a GAME-CHANGER in the Corporate Wellness & Fitness area)

We have several options for enrolling your employees and a few different options for arranging payments on an automated basis. We can work with you to set up an arrangement that fits well with your Human Resources processes and systems.

Your employees can join us, and access their private programs from almost any country, anywhere in the world.

If you're reading this page, you already have my contact info (email, phone, etc) so just reach out to discuss next steps - or to address questions and explore possibilities for your Corporate Fitness & Workplace Wellness Plan.

Joey Atlas

M.S., Exercise Physiology

Founder: The SCULPTAFIT System

Author: "Fatness to Fitness"



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