ATLAS-SCULPTAFIT Wellness Experience Immersion Retreat

There are a bunch of GREAT photos on this page...

We only have 16 spots open for this limited space event...

And 2 spots have already been reserved and paid for.

See the photos below of this Historic landmark location that is currently being renovated, in time for our Event, with meticulous care...

In addition to my larger global audience/clients/subscribers (about 125,000 total people) we will also be offering this event up to our local Studio clients as well. Which means these remaining 14 spots could be gone very quickly.

So read this now and decide if you want to experience all these life-enhancing benefits and changes - and then reply as per the last few sentences you see BEFORE the photos

FIRST - Who this is NOT for:

This is not for you if you’re looking for the latest “bio-hacking” secrets, shortcuts and tricks. (HINT - those are mostly advertising smoke and mirrors).

It’s not for you if you want to be punished through a 60-hour body-beating bootcamp that leaves you exhausted and defeated.

This is not for you if you’re looking for a hardcore, all-out, high-risk workout weekend and crazy diet plan structure that is unrealistic for people living in the “real world”

And this is not for you is you’re looking for a ‘diet/detox retreat’ where you go home 7 pounds lighter because of all the silly water-weight you dropped in 2.5 days.

We won’t be doing any of that nonsense because we’re operating in a whole different realm of REAL health and wellness… 

Who this IS for:

This is for you if you want to take your personal health and wellness to the highest levels with proven, time-tested principles, methods and strategies - based on human physiology and psychology - No fads, No gimmicks, No silly “hacks”…

If you’ve been struggling with your weight, emotional eating/drinking or any other aspect of your wellness that you can’t get a grasp on via your own efforts, then this event is for you.

If you find you’re “on and off” with your health and fitness activities and are frustrated that you haven’t been able to implement a long-term lifestyle of positive habits and improvements - then this event is for you.

Sound like what you want and need? Then take a look at how you can join us by reserving one of the 16 spots we have for this event.

This Special, Transformative & Intimate Event will run from Thursday evening until Sunday at noon. (we are looking at several weekend options in AUGUST)

Most of our time will be spent at the amazing host location which is in the final stage of a $30 million dollar renovation. (some photos below)

This incredible location, right on the Saint Johns River, (Fruit Cove, FL - outside of Jacksonville, FL) is near the Studio and will allow easy travel to and from so we can get our Studio-based sessions in as they appear in the Event Itinerary.

The host location is about 45 easy minutes from Jacksonville International Airport.
SCULPTAFIT Wellness Experience Immersion Retreat Itinerary

1 - Thursday evening will be a casual ‘meet & greet’ (possibly over a healthy dinner) at the host location.

2 - Guests are encouraged to arrive earlier on Thursday, or even earlier in the week if you wish. There are plenty of places to visit before the Event begins, especially Saint Augustine.

3 - Friday and Saturday will both be full, immersive, but relaxed, days. 

4 - You will leave this unique Experience with unique & powerful, actionable strategies, higher levels of self-awareness and personal insight - without having beat yourself up or starve yourself.

5 - This is not “change by force” but rather “evolution through experience and enlightenment”.

6 - We’ll start these days as a supportive group doing a Morning Metabolic Power-Walk (or indoor Gentle-Flex Mobility session if it is raining) - followed by “light & healthy” breakfast for those who typically eat an early meal.

7 - Mid/Late mornings will be 2 SCULPTAFIT Studio Fitness Sessions:

A - The first part will be PAS-Flex. 

In this session you’ll learn how to give and receive Partner-Assisted Stretching for Flexibility and Range of Motion Enhancement

B - The second part will be a SCULPTAFIT Signature Training Session

8 - Then we’ll shift into a Mini Seminar after the Studio Session - this will consist of Q & A, plus a review of how and why you did certain movements and exercises in the 2 training sessions above

then comes a...

9 - Lean & Lively Lunch around noon

10 - In mid-afternoon will be a Seminar and “Deep Dive” Q & A Session

11 - Late afternoon will be either a Gentle-Flex Yoga Session or a Cardio-Fusion Session

12 - Delicious & Healthy Dinner will be around 6 or 7 pm

13 - After dinner activity TBD - possibly a combo of “Mindful Meditation and Sleep Enhancement Seminar”

14 - Sunday morning will be another Morning Metabolic Power-Walk (or indoor Gentle-Flex Mobility session if it is raining) - followed by “light & healthy” breakfast for those who typically eat an early meal.

15 - We will then go into Mindset Mastery for Living in Optimum Wellness - followed by Event wrap-up and “Your Next Steps On the Journey”

16 - Lunch will be around noon and that will finish our FIRST OFFICIAL SCULPTAFIT Wellness Experience Retreat!! ...of which we plan to host more in the future to help even more people via direct, personal interaction, inspiration and guidance.

In some of the classes, seminars and sessions - we will be covering or including the following:

1 - Strategic planning and scheduling for easy food & nutrition lifestyle implementation for body-composition optimization and health improvement

2 - Mindset & self-awareness for eating with positive intention, and values/outcome-based choices & habits - to help you defeat 'stress-eating' and emotional-eating

3 - Accountability strategies for a busy, and sometimes unpredictable, life to help you stay on track with ease and natural rhythm to your days, weeks and months 

4 - Mobility, Flexibility, Recovery & Rest for Recharging, Recuperation, Regeneration to help you increase energy of both the mind and body, while reducing aches, pains and stiffness

5 - Travel Fitness Tactics for Sticking with Your Wellness Plan - No matter where you go, or how long you travel for

6 - Plus more... (nutrition supplement facts & fallacy, the truth about age related health challenges, etc)

If you come to this event with a relaxed and open mind - it will dramatically change you for the better…

It will realign some of your personal values so you can take proper actions based on YOUR most important GOALS...

And it will empower you to take back control of parts of your body, mind and spirit that you may have lost over the last bunch of years.

This SCULPTAFIT Wellness Experience Retreat Package INCLUDES your accommodations (3 nights - Thurs., Fri., Sat. night) and almost all meals for only $3,498.00

BUT since this is the first one we are ever offering we are going to make this first one only $2,798.00 - AND the first 5 people to book their spot get a $300 "fast mover" instant discount making it only $2,498.00 (this INCLUDES your amazing, BRAND-NEW room AND most meals - which is an AWESOME Deal)

We are offering this "First Event" Special discount because we need stories and examples of people (you) who have attended in the past, in order to be able to properly promote and market this Event, at full price, to new people in the future.

Once we finalize and confirm the dates/weekend - all you'll need to do is book your travel to JAX International Airport and then either rent a car or take an Uber or Taxi/Shuttle to the host location.


Again - the above is our current proposed itinerary overview. We may modify it a little - but not much.

Specifics (exact date/weekend in August) and timing will be finalized as schedule comes together.

More information about the amazing, newly renovated, host location on the Saint Johns River, will be shared within the next week.

To pre-reserve a spot, just reply to the email I sent you, with your:
1 - name
2 - where you're located
3 - the top 2 reasons you want to be at this Event
i.e. - What are you looking to get out of it the most?

Here are just a few of the photos (more to come in the next few weeks, once the first Guest Villas are complete)

Guest Villa Entrance In Final Stage of Renovation


Main House of Wellness Immersion Retreat Location


"Wisdom Center" Activity Room Entrance


Back Patio St Johns River View


Architectural Code Renovation Upgrades in Villa Common Area


Upgraded Personal Areas


Single or Double Villa Guest Room


Sunset Meditation Dock


Healthy & Well Dining Area


More Back Patio, Lawn and River Views


Again - To pre-reserve a spot, just reply to the email I sent you, with your name, where you're located and the top 2 reasons you want to be at this Event - i.e. - What are you looking to get out of it the most?

We have a plan to OVER-DELIVER Big-Time in ways that you can't even imagine.

This will be one of THE MOST worthwhile and delightful journeys you've ever taken.

If you want to bring a guest (friend, spouse, family member, co-worker, etc) - please let me know as we have a special 'extra' discount for anyone coming as a guest of yours.

And as a guest of the First Official event we host - you will get "VIP First DIBS" on all future Immersion Retreats and Events that we host, no matter where and no matter when.

Any more questions? Just send them over :-)

Your trainer for LIFE,

Joey Atlas