Naked Beauty - The SYMULAST Method Printable PDFs and Cheat-Sheets

I have 3 important items I must share with you today - just in case you missed any of these yesterday:

1 - Here is your printable e-book/pdf version of the program - click here (includes the photos)
Be sure to open them and save them.
In case you missed this bonus - if you want the discounted upgrade to the DVD/Book set to be shipped to you, then use this link to apply the $49.95 credit and also get free shipping. (please DO NOT share that link with anyone)
We understand that some people still like using DVDs and books :-)
PLEASE DON'T share that link publicly as other people who have not bought the online Instant Access version DO NOT get the special upgrade discount credit (they pay full price of $69.95)
Keep me posted on your progress. I'm ALWAYS looking for new success stories!
Your trainer for LIFE,
Joey Atlas